WHY do we have a Cancellation Policy?
     When equipment is reserved, it is taken out of inventory so no one else can reserve it for those specific days.  Some equipment is taken out additional days to accommodate for additional preparation time.  Cancellation fees help cover both incurred costs and potential loss of business because equipment was unavailable to rent to other Customers.

Plan For The Future
     Booking your rental products long before the date of your event reduces rushed decisions and gives sufficient time for you and Lakeside Fun Rental to work together to plan and prepare an enjoyable event.  Ordering early also increases the probability that the products, delivery and pickup times you want will be available.  Last minute changes can be counterproductive and may have adverse affects on an otherwise successful event.  At Lakeside Fun Rental we make every effort to help you make the best choices for your event!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Changes To Order
     REDUCTIONS to Reservations will incur Cancellation Fees listed above.  Small (10%) reductions to quantities of items such as tables, chairs, dishware, etc are acceptable.
     ADDITIONS to Reservations can be made (depending on availability) up to time equipment is loaded.  Reservations being delivered are normally loaded 24 hours in advance of Rental Date Out.  If additions are made after vehicle has left the lot, an additional ½ delivery fee will be charged (additional deliveries are not guaranteed to be available).  If Customer comes to get additional equipment – we will pick up the new equipment when we pickup what was previously Delivered.


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Customer Responsibilities
     Responsibility for equipment remains with the Customer from the time they receive the equipment until it’s returned (or picked up by Lakeside Fun Rentals Staff at the pre-arranged scheduled time).  Be sure equipment is secured when not in use & protected from the weather.  We charge for equipment returned dirty, for replacement costs of missing, broken, or damaged items (including transport boxes). CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES Renter assumes responsibility for equipment rented from time received to time of return. Equipment is to be returned dry, restacked, refolded and repacked in same containers. Be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from weather. Check with management of hired venue to make sure they will do this for you. We charge full replacement cost for missing or damaged equipment or transport containers. All necessary permits, licenses, public & private utility marking is CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY; Lakeside Fun Rental accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY. Replacement, Repair, & Cleaning charges will be assessed on any equipment lost or damaged (the Customer is responsible from the time they pick up until it’s been returned).  A charge will be assessed on items returned but not cleaned. PLEASE make special arrangements in advance when you know you will not be able to clean items before returning.  A charge will be made for all boxes or crates not returned.

When You Come To Pick Up Equipment

       -Come to Lakeside Fun Rentals Front Office first to sign Contract.

     -Bring your Driver’s License & Credit Card in with you 
     -Know the Name & Phone Number the equipment is Reserved under.
PREPARE YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE you get to our Loading Area – Make room by emptying out unnecessary items, take out or lay down seats.        Without seeing your vehicle we cannot determine if it’s large enough to carry your order.  YOU SHOULD MEASURE your vehicle to verify if it will fit or not (or plan for multiple trips).
COME PREPARED TO LOAD THE EQUIPMENT YOU RENT!   Our Warehouse Staff are NOT required to load your rented equipment but will be happy to “assist” you ONLY.  Many people ask if it’s appropriate to tip – you are welcome to tip what you feel is appropriate.
It’s your responsibility to secure the equipment &/or trailer BEFORE you leave our lot.  
LAKESIDE FUN RENTALS is not responsible for any damages to your vehicle that may happen during loading.

Before you leave our property YOU ARE responsible to check the condition of & count all the equipment to verify that you received everything listed on your Contract. You will be asked to initial that you counted & received everything! (You will be charged for any Missing Equipment & transport containers.)

We’re not a fast-food restaurant! We are well aware that you have many things to accomplish when planning an event & time is a premium.  We can not predict how busy we will be when you arrive & ask for your patience as you wait your turn.  We operate on a first come first served basis & it’s our goal to have you in & out as quickly as possible with everything you ordered.  Please be patient & follow the instructions our staff give you for lining up vehicles in an orderly fashion so as not to block our neighboring residents.
We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to close of business!


  • When you make a reservation be sure to review it thoroughly – date out, date due, & equipment reserved!
  • Reserve equipment as soon as you have a date (remember that there are cancellation fees if the date changes)
  • To reserve equipment you’re asking the rental company to make equipment unavailable to anyone else.
  • Check on vehicle size needed to pick equipment up. Believe it or not, a 5’ round table will NOT fit in any car!
  • Rental Stores allow you to use equipment for a just a % of the equipments value, expect to show ID & leave deposit unless you have an account.
  • Did you know that when you sign a rental contract you are agreeing to return the same equipment you picked up by the agreed upon date? Surprise!
  • Most party equipment rentals are considered EVENT RENTALS – you can pick up most equipment the day before & return it the day after (2 days & pay for 1) Or, Friday to Monday.
  • Get electrical power requirements for rentals requiring electricity. Equipment with heating elements (coffee maker, popcorn) work best if plugged into their own electrical circuit.
  • Rental stores are a great resource, a wealth of information! We not only have equipment, but can teach you how to do it yourself!
  • Sure you can borrow 10 different tables from 8 different people, spend time picking them up & then returning them. Renting will save you time!
  • Make delivery instructions SPECIFIC! Anytime, literally means ANY-time. Once we’re on your property – EXACTLY WHERE the equipment is going is important information too!  Tailgate delivery & pickup is cheaper than to the backyard, down the path, behind the barn, and over the river!
  • When you rent equipment expect to return not only the equipment but also the transport containers (boxes, bags) don’t misplace them!
  • If you rent Lakeside Fun Rentals clean & ready equipment (NOT someone else’s cleaning) Don’t expect to return it dirty without paying a cleaning fee!
  • When a rental staff delivers with exceptional service, tips are unexpected, but certainly are appreciated!
  • If looking for something we don’t carry, with enough interest & notice we often add to inventory upon customer request. Ask!  We’ll also gladly refer you to a competitor who may already carry it!
  • Using our website Rental Estimator gives an idea of what rentals cost (you can NOT make a reservation without a telephone call!)
  • Got an ugly location? Create a ‘Special’ event right on your own property! RENT a tent
  • To schedule a delivery its normal to be given a Time Window. Juggling many locations, trucks, staff, equipment, traffic, and even weather make exact times more difficult and costly.
  • Do you have the same event every year? Reserve equipment as soon as the dates set – one more thing to cross off your to do list!
  • Want to look like a pro? Renting gives you the opportunity to use the same equipment the pro’s use!
  • Renting equipment reduces your workload. As a renter, you avoid the responsibility of equipment maintenance and storage!
  • A working RELATIONSHIP makes it easier for a rental company to understand your needs. It’s especially important to have that already established when you have an emergency need!
  • If frequency of use or versatility is low, RENTING’s the answer! Except for when equipment not used often but needed immediately for emergency.
  • You can make more room by renting seldom used equipment & save on storage space!
  • With renting you don’t have to think about managing equipment: repairs, maintenance, upgrading, modernizing, or replacing!
  • Renting allows you to make equipment changes, at a lower cost, when you have continual changing needs & desires.
  • Communication is essential for cost-effective rentals!  Always provide your rental professional a clear picture of what your job is, what you want to accomplish, & what you expect for total cost.
  • TRANSUMER defined = current economic climate warming people to idea of renting; not buying items because of cost, ease, or space considerations
  • Renting party equipment gives the ability to create a ‘new & different’ look each time you throw a party or any event!
  • If you have only an occasional equipment need check out Lakeside Fun Rentals available rental inventory & know the VALUE of non-ownership!
  • Preparing used or obsolete equipment for resale, advertising, & selling time are factors of ownership you wont have, if you rent!